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Lace Music Products is proud to present its latest pickup offering, the Matchbook Sensor Pickup: A passive, easy-to-install pickup for cigar box type guitars.

Cigar Box Guitar Pickup.

The new Matchbook™ pickup addresses a long sought after need in this up and coming area of guitar and guitar amplification. The Matchbook™ pickup is based on worldwide patented Lace® magnetic design featuring a "current driven" design. This revolutionary design eliminates 60 cycle hum, and reduces the traditional magnet copper coil wire by 95 percent. No battery or other electronics are needed. Designed to resemble a full size average matchbook it has a visual as well as sonic connection to the Cigar box like no other pickup application available today. As with all magnetic pickups the Matchbook™ does utilizes magnets. And in this design one of the magnets appears to be the "striker" for a match.

A traditional matchbook cover design was the influence for the Lace Matchbook artwork blending in the two icons of cigar box artwork with traditional matchbook artwork to form a corresponding look and feel to a cigar box guitar. Because of the design and the size of the Matchbook™ pickup, a player may use a favorite collectible real matchbook cover for an authentic matchbook cover which can easily be put over the existing Matchbook™ laminated pickup cover. The Matchbook™ pickup is easy to install and can be wired as a direct out or thru a tone and volume 250k pot if desired. Height of the pickup relative to the strings is accomplished by cork pads which are included with the pickup. Overall dimensions are 2 inches by 2 inches, less than .250 inches tall as installed on the box top. The Matchbook™ weighs less than 2 oz.

Position: Flat-Top mounting - Under-Bridge design takes seconds.

Colors:  Black


Position: sound hole

Resistance: 4.1k

Peak frequency: 4600

Inductance: 1.3 henries


1. Unscrew the pads from the metal tab on the bridge-facing side of the pickup.


2. Take the pickup and get it under the strings near the bridge, with the metal tab facing the bridge. Slide the metal tab into the gap on the mandolin's bridge between the saddles and the top-mounted bridge base, and then move it towards the E strings to get it centered.


3. Put the pads underneath the metal tab (cork side down), line up the screw holes, and screw the pads back on.


4. Situate the pickup cable out of the way, use the loop in the cable to hang off your lower strap button.


5. Plug an instrument cable into the female jack coming off the pickup, and you're good to go!




* Adjusted for current driven Alumitone technology


** Adjusted for Dual Side Wound design


*** Ceramic Enhanced



This Heat Index is a comparison for Lace Pickups and our three distinct technological designs. Please note Humbucker and Single Coil pickups use separate scales. Other manufactures use their own scale and criterion.