Stratocaster Strat with Series Neck/Bridge Blend Pot Wiring Kit



Stratocaster with Tone Pot Blender

this mod uses a custom made CTS Blender Pot that acts as a True Bypass in the circuit when turned completely clockwise. 

This Mod is a Superb Upgrade for any Stratocaster, Squier, Fender or other Strat Variants

5 way Switching with series blend

Blend pot fully counter clockwise standard strat

1 bridge

2 middle & bridge in parallel

3 middle

4 middle & neck in parallel

5 neck

Blend pot fully clockwise series mode

1 middle & bridge in series

2 middle

3 middle

4 middle

5 neck & middle in series

Parts of exceptional Quality and Professional Workmanship Assembled Using the Eric Johnsons floating wire Mod to reduce hum and other interference as there is also no need to Earth each individual Component

Optional treble bleed mod

The treble bleed mod's purpose is to retain your high end or treble response when cutting back on the volume

220K resistor in parallel with a 470pf capacitor
Contents of the Blend-mod kit 
1 USA made  heavy duty switch
2  Genuine CTS Audio Taper Pots (250K or 500K)
1  Genuine Custom CTS No Load Tone Pot (250K or 500K)
1  Genuine Dubliner Orange Drop Cap (0.022uf or 0.047uf)

220K resistor 470pf capacitor
Vintage cloth covered wire 
1  Mono output jack socket

1 Genuine fender Control Plate


we can also supplyPickups to complete the mod

Just send us your Pickguard

And we can fit all the components professionally 

£35 fitting inc Return Shipping

Please note: These harnesses are built to order here in the WALES so please allow 48 hours for us to despatch your order