Stevie Ray Vaughan SRV Austin Voodoo Wiring Kit



  • Srv Austin Voodoo Wiring Mod

    this configuration is identical to that used in vintage 50' guitars and also in the famous SRV Strat. Standard configuration of tone control on neck and middle pickups. Bridge pickup is straight through with no tone control.  



    1 Genuine USA made CRL heavy duty switch

    3 CTS  Audio Taper pots (250K)

    1 Genuine Sprague Orange Drop Cap (0.022uf)

    Vintage cloth covered wire (USA Made)

    1 Mono output jack socket

    1 Genuine Control Plate

    This Mod is a Superb Upgrade for any Stratocaster, Squier, Fender or other Strat Variants

    Parts of exceptional Quality and Professional Workmanship

    Assembled Using the Eric Johnsons floating wire Mod to reduce hum and other interference as there is also no need to Earth each individual Component

    All fitted to a Genuine control shield

    we can also supply Pickups to complete the mod

    Just send us your Pickguard

    And we can fit all the components

    £35 fitting inc Return Shipping

    full fitting instructions and schematics provided fully guaranteed

    Please note: These harnesses are built to order here in the WALES so please allow 48 hours for us to despatch your order