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The Holy Grail HG-1000


Holy Grail pickups modify conventional hum rejection technology -with its patented Sidewinder System to retain the single coli sound, sparkle, and midrange.

Vintage ‘54 Strat® Sound - Classic Electric Guitar Pickup

The Lace Holy Grail™ is the ultimate hum cancelling, vintage toned guitar pickup; the tone of a ‘54 Strat® without all the noise or the crazy price tag. "Grails are the richest sounding pups I have heard. They sound so good both clean and distorted and they quack like nothing else I have ever heard. I’m going to put these on all my Strats."

-Jet-Strat, FDP


Conventional stacked pickups sacrifice the high and low end, but the Holy Grail's patented break-through sidewinder design retains the depth and the sparkle that is the hallmark of vintage guitar tone. Pure Alnico 5 magnets combined with Lace technology delivers that classic tone you have been searching for.

Music Styles: Rock, blues, R & B, Country, Funk, Jazz, and Pop

Think: Clapton, Hendrix, Beck, Townshend, Bonamassa, Buddy Guy

Sound: A hotter 50’s Style single coil sound with a classy bell tone


Position: Neck, Middle, Bridge

Colors   White, Cream, Black, or Mint


Position: neck, middle, bridge

Resistance: 10.7k

Peak Frequency: 3400

Inductance: 3.0 henries

HEAT LEVEL:  6.5**


* Adjusted for current driven Alumitone technology


** Adjusted for Dual Side Wound design


*** Ceramic Enhanced



This Heat Index is a comparison for Lace Pickups and our three distinct technological designs. Please note Humbucker and Single Coil pickups use separate scales. Other manufactures use their own scale and criterion.