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Dually Pickup Blue / Gold Humbucker


BLUE SENSOR: Pop, Alt, Rock, Blues, Aggressive Think: Jonny Greenwood, Pumpkins, Bloomfield, Cream.

Sound: Slightly increased output with the warmer 50’s humbucking sound in a single coil.

GOLD SENSOR: Vintage Rock, Blues, Country, and R&B, Funk

Think: Clapton, Beck, Blackmore, Townshend

Sound: A classic 50’s Style single coil sound with a classy bell tone.



Think: Jeff Beck meets Johnny Winter

Sound: More aggressive PAF tone, with single coil definition.

Blue Gold Dually Sensor Pickups - Full Humbucker

Each of the Lace Sensors have a unique sound and use. When paired together they can be run in full mode and split mode to utilize either of the great sounding pickups in the same position. Guitarist looking for a wider variety of tone options love the Dually pickups, which comes in a variety of Lace Sensor configurations. Mix the warmth of the Blue Sensor with the classic bell tone of the Gold Sensor, or switch over to either Dually Sensor as a single coil.

The Sensor™ - World Class Tone. We have built these world famous patented pickups since 1985. Used exclusively by Fender® until 1996.

Combine Colors to Customize your Sound!

The entire line of Dually Sensors are now available through your local dealers. Used on the Strat® Ultra and other Fender® models. Use the Lace Dually in full mode or switch to split mode. Extreme tone: mix a Blue Sensor with a Gold Sensor for example or have the versatility of both the Blue Sensor or the Gold Sensor on their own. Low noise, multiple tones.

ADJUSTMENT TIP: For optimum tone and output from our Sensors, we recommend adjusting the height to .170" from string to pickup, or approx. the height of 2 dimes and a nickel. (REMEMBER string thickness applies to height - use bottom of string closest to pickup for measurement.)


Dually Position:     Neck, Bridge

Dually Colors:       White, Black, and Cream

Dually Specs:

Position: neck, bridge

Resistance: 18.9k

Peak frequency: 1900

Inductance: 8.3 henries

Tech Talk


A standard humbucker works by having two matched single coil pickups mounted side-by-side, but with one of them having a reversed polarity. Because they are exact mirror images of each other, noise travels down the positive and negative legs of the pickup with equal intensity. This action cancels the noise, hence the term Humbucker "bucking the hum"! In split mode, you get a single coil sound but the noise returns.


Because Lace Senor pickups are ultra quiet, we can combine 2 very different single coil pickups to create exceptional humbucker tones. The Lace Sensor Dually pickups can be wired as standard humbuckers, split-able humbuckers, or in Dually mode…(front coil/ second coil/both coils). The Lace Sensor Humbucker pickups (Drop & Gain, Nitro Hemi….) can be wired as standard humbuckers, or split-able humbuckers. All of our dual coil pickups can also be wired, Series/Parallel , Series/Split/Parallel or Series/Split/Phased with itself. They are wonderfully unique and only available with the Lace Sensor.


Wiring to use both sides of the split We suggest using a 3-way on/on/on mini-toggle switch. It would be wired 1st coil, humbucker mode, 2nd coil.



* Adjusted for current driven Alumitone technology


** Adjusted for Dual Side Wound design


*** Ceramic Enhanced



This Heat Index is a comparison for Lace Pickups and our three distinct technological designs. Please note Humbucker and Single Coil pickups use separate scales. Other manufactures use their own scale and criterion.