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Horsepower Humbucker Set (Hemi Neck / Nitro Hemi Bridge) in Chrome

Set for Rock and Blues Guitar Players

This combination bridges the gap between hard rock and metal. The neck pickup offers sweet, fat tones with a ‘hot- vintage’ vibe, and a pumped-up bridge pickup gives up tones that can only be described as dominating. Back off the gain, and this set will still make your guitar sing to you. The Horsepower Pack will make your axe the baddest on the block.

The Lace Hemi™ is a tastefully balanced humbucker pickup set for rock and blues, yet still versatile enough for jazz and even country.

It’s tone and headroom harken back to the double coil days of yore when players sought dynamics and definition over output and gain.

Make no mistake though, the Hemi's bridge pup can rock out-animal style with its brilliant pairing of double fat mid-tone and a higher peak freq that enables greater clarity at louder volumes.

The neck pup offers up creamy smooth tonal character that inspires romping and comping that good ole’ funk, blues, fusion and modern shred.

Have your duck fat fries and eat them too with the Lace Hemi™.

Our Nitro Hemi pickup set drops you directly into the field of battle armed with high gain output and life-taking tone. The aggressively brilliant midrange of the Nitro Hemi's facilitate an articulate and responsive picking attack along with bold crunch and punch.

Chunk is reinforced with lows that are rich with tonal depth and character. Highs chime and scream in the bridge pup and wail and moan in the neck. Far from a one trick pony, the Lace Nitro Hemi is modern, high gain metal tone redefined and redesigned with




Position: Set

Colors   Chrome


Hemi Neck:

Resistance: 7.0k

Peak Frequency: 2750

Inductance: 3.5 henries


Nitro-Hemi Bridge:

Resistance: 19.0k

Peak Frequency: 2600

Inductance: 4.6 henries

HEAT LEVEL:  7.9-8.4