Dave Gilmour Recessed Mini Toggle 7 way wiring kit

£47.95 £45.95


This is our take on the famous Dave Gilmour 7 way mini recessed toggle switch

This Gilmour kit features a recessed mini toggle switch which gives the kit a 7 way selection option.
The mini-toggle switch is to facilitate the neck pickup. 
5 way in position 1 bridge pickup plus mini toggle will give you bridge neck pickups together .
5-way in switch position 2 bridge and middle pickups plus mini toggle will give you all "three pickups" selected at the same time. 
giving you 7 possible pickup selections
All mounted on a Genuine control plate which reduces the need for the components to be individually grounded
this also helps with Hum etc
The mini toggle is mounted on a bracket this allows the switch to be recessed "less likely to be accidentally switched"
The control plate simply mounts to the back of the Pickguard one small hole NEEDS to be drilled in Pickguard for the mini toggle
Its pretty straight forward to install just 3 wires to be soldered just basic soldering skills needed
Full Fitting instructions and Schematics 
All Fully Guaranteed

We offer 3 cap values so as to give a tone mod option  
The Gilmour Black Strat is fitted with a 0.047uf cap
choose from 3 different Dubliner cap values 0.022uf, 0.033uf and 0.047uf  
0.022uf will give less Treble bleed less Bass as 0.047 will give more bass etc 
also an option on pot value 250k and 500k 
Also a Option on Wire Type Vintage and Modern Cloth Covered
same Wire Spec just a different Cloth Covering

1 x genuine control shield 
1 x quality USA made heavy duty switch
3 x CTS Audio Taper Pots 250K or 500K
1 x Genuine dubliner Orange Drop Cap 0.022uf, 0.033uf or 0.047uf
1 x quality Mono output jack socket
Vintage cloth covered wire / modern cloth covered wire
SPDT Mini-toggle Switch (on-off)
toggle switch mounting bracket
All fitted to a control shield without the need for the 3 Ground wires Eric Johnson style