Alumitone® Single Coil Pickup for 7 & 8 String Guitars

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Alumitone® Single Coil Pickup for 7 & 8 String Guitars

With its cool looks, tight bottom end, even mids, and smooth highs, the Alumitone Single is a radical departure from your fathers noisy single coil pickups. The design is aluminum based, rather than copper like traditional pickups. The result is a virtually noiseless, current driven pickup with less resistance but higher output, making it more sonically efficient than conventional voltage based pickups. Its wide frequency range provides more bass and mids than traditional single coils, while the highs are silky and clear.
With clean amp settings the Alumitones are creamy, and overdriving them only enhances their performance. Whether live or in the studio, they cut through the mix and excel where most single coils start to run off. The nucleus of the Alumitone pickup is the micro winding housed beneath the aluminum exoskeleton. With our ever growing concern for the environment, we are able to use 90% less copper wire on these pickups, resulting in an ultra light weight, low impedance, high performance pickup.
Music Styles: Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Funk, Fusion, Pop
Think: Bonnie Raitt, Nile Rogers, Robin Trower, Buddy Guy
Sound: Bold, powerful and aggressive tone that cuts through in any setting
These new models are based on the wide range acceptance of the patented Alumitone® technology for extended range guitars in X-Bar and Deathbar sized pickups. Lace has received requests from all over the world to make a single coil version for both the 7 and 8 string guitar.
Position: Neck, Middle, Bridge
Colors   Chrome & Black Anodized
7 String Model
 Resistance: 2.4k ohms
Peak Frequency: 2010 Hz
Inductance: 3.0 henries
 Pickguard opening 3.22"x.750" R.080 2x Screw holes .152" Dia. centered on 3.494"
Body route 3.80" x .750" full radius
8 String Model
 Resistance: 2.4k ohms
Peak Frequency: 1980 Hz
Inductance: 3.1 henries
 Pickguard opening - 3.480" x .750" R.080". 2x screw holes .152" dia centered on 3.754"
Body route - 4.060" x .750" full radius