Alumitone Lace Humbucker 7 - Black For 7 string guitars

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Alumitone 7 Humbucker

Alumitone Humbucker 7 - For Players Who Love Active Tone But Hate Batteries. Using patented and patent pending Lace® "current driven" technology, the HB7 was designed for medium output and quiet drive.

Lace Humbucker 7 - For 7 string guitars.

The world’s first passive, high output, high definition pickup for extended range guitars has arrived! Designed for 7 String, extended range guitars, the Alumitone Humbucker 7 pickups have a broad, sensitive, wide band tone with loads of warmth, clarity and headroom. The articulate low end is tight, but not bassy and keeps your tone out of the “mud zone”. The attack is smooth when playing both rhythms, riffs and leads and the liquid crystal tone shines through for large chords. They are extremely versatile and excel at everything from jazz to metal and all points in between!

The Lace Alumitone 7 is an easy drop in replacement for most guitars with 7 string pickup routes and mounting rings. The unique patented current driven pickup will allow a much longer cable without any sonic degradation whatsoever. It also combines will with at DB7 in the bridge position.


Position: Neck, Bridge

Colors   Black Anodized Only



Resistance: 3.5k

Peak Frequency: 2343

Inductance: 1.4 henries