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The classic late '50s humbucker, made to original vintage specs; 
Alnico V magnetic, enamel coated winding wire, scatterwound coils, plus the advantage of hard nickel pole pieces that deliver 10% more output without affecting the tone. 
Unlike modern pickups our HV58s are not vacuum processed as this reduces the natural gaps in the windings and it is theses gaps that are at the very source of the vintage sound. 
The open frame HV58 Zebra is available potted or not potted. 
The 'not potted' (HV58 ZB NP) version replicate the earliest PAF's and are fine if you use them with a classic amp (AC30, Fender Twin, Marshall 50 etc) but they will have a tendency to squeal when used with modern high gain amps. 
The open frame HV58 ZB and covered versions of the HV58 are potted in hot wax for around 60 seconds and are less prone to feedback but have a slightly different tone
Neck: 7.0K
Bridge: 7.6K